Hola! I am Sherlene Angeles, an aspiring entrepreneur, writer, and tinkerer, and I am navigating my journey to greatness.

About 1

Having immersed myself in the world of business, I learned and applied the fundamentals of running a startup – from management to marketing to finance. I got my hands on small businesses such as food stall and a merchandise store. I also lead and participated in a series of projects in and out of the academic premises like marketing plans, research works, and business plan implementation. This exposure leads me to develop a dream of helping my fellow Filipinos gain stable jobs and attain financial independence. Someday, I will build an enterprise that will provide meaningful jobs to many. This business will be the change that I want to myself and the world. It is also my way of working towards another lifelong goal – career/personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Previously, I co-founded and co-owned a perfume-making business, Reminiscent Perfume as a part of our program. With teamwork and determination, the project was announced as the best in its batch.

I have a particular penchant for words. I read books. I feed my imagination with adventures of characters who never existed in real life and my curiosity with important lessons on a variety of topics. Like any other avid readers, I have my fair share of fantastical dreams. A few of these are being a demigod of Camp Half-Blood, a fearless prodigy of the Republic and a queen of Narnia. I am usually seen with a pen and paper too – furiously writing ideas I am afraid to lose or creating worlds through poems and stories.

I am also fascinated with crafts. I spend my free time tinkering with artistic projects. Mostly, I document memories through photos, art journals, and scrapbooks. I also collect souvenirs from the places I’d been and the events I’d attended.

Right now, I am exploring on different life possibilities that will make me look on the same world on a fresh perspective. With my tales of life, I hope to inspire people to navigate their journeys with grit, patience and hard work.


With my love for moment documentation and writing, I came up with Sherlene Files in 2016. It is a place wherein you can see glimpses of my paint-splattered life – my professional progress, creative projects and reflections in between my household chores sessions.

About 2

The blog is comprised of chronicles of my experiences, achievements, and even failures and struggles. It is a documentation of my every endeavor, of my growth as an individual. As much as it is a weblog, it is my home – a witness of my humble beginnings and my fervor to be the change I want to myself and the world.

It is also my way of helping my fellow millennials on their next venture after college – the real world. This space features a series of writings of the lessons I learned and the tips I acquired in my exploration of life. It has a variety of topics – career, business, among other adult matters.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with the aim of this blog of glorifying perseverance, patience and long process alongside victory and success.


For questions or work inquiries, please fill out the contact form or shoot me an email at sherleneangeles@gmail.com.


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