The Author                                                          

Hola amigos!

I am Sherlene Angeles and I am in pursuit of my dreams. I strive to turn my ambitions to reality through hard work and determination. Someday I will because I can.

I am a fresh out of college career woman and I am currently learning the twists and turns of the corporate world – from exploring possibilities to making mistakes to standing up once again.

I am a moment chronicler. I document memories through photos, journals, and scrapbooks that I keep on the deepest part of our humble home to preserve its privacy and beauty. And oh – I also collect souvenirs.

I write whenever I feel like it or when a good idea came lurking in my mind. I write when I am free. I take writing as my second man but I am hoping that someday I will be serious about it.

Lastly, I am a human paradox – a mix and clash of everything. Good luck figuring me out.

The Blog

With my love for moment documentation and writing, I came up with Hola Sherlene in 2016. It is a place wherein you can see glimpses of my paint-splattered life – my professional progress, creative projects and reflections in between my household chores sessions.

Hola Sherlene is comprised of chronicles of my experiences, achievements, and even failures and struggles. It is a documentation of my every endeavor, of my growth as an individual. As much as it is a weblog, it is my home – a witness of my humble beginnings and my fervor to be the change that I want for myself and the world.

Hola Sherlene is also my way of helping my fellow millennials on their next venture after college – the real world. This space features a series of writings of the lessons I learned and the tips I acquired in my exploration of life. It has a variety of topics – adult matters, business, career, lifestyle and anything under the sun.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with the aim of this blog of glorifying perseverance, patience and long process alongside victory and success.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope you learned something or at least enjoyed reading my stories. Please stick around and let’s be friends!


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