Graduation 2016 + My Plans for My Future and the Blog

Hola! I am Sherlene Angeles, an aspiring banker, entrepreneur, and writer from the Philippines.

Having immersed myself in the world of business, I learned and applied the fundamentals of running a start-up – from management to marketing to finance. This exposure leads me to develop an advocacy of helping my fellow Filipinos gain stable jobs and attain financial independence. Every Filipino, regardless of social status, should have the access to all these life necessities. Being a banker and an entrepreneur would help me achieve that. It is also my way of working towards another lifelong goal – career/personal growth and self-fulfillment.

Previously, I co-founded and co-owned a perfume-making business, Reminiscent Perfume as a part of our program. With teamwork and determination, the project was announced as the best in our batch.

I have a particular penchant for words. I read books. I feed my imagination with adventures of characters who never existed in real life and my curiosity with important lessons on a variety of topics. I am usually seen with a pen and paper too – furiously writing snippets of ideas I am afraid to lose. I am also fascinated with crafts. I spend my free time tinkering with artistic projects.

Right now, I am exploring on different life choices that will make me look on the same world with a fresh perspective. With my tales of life, I hope to inspire other people to navigate their journeys to their personal greatness with perseverance, patience and hard work. Know more.



A Fresh Graduate’s Job Application Starter Pack

No more #gradwaiting because you are now officially unemployed. Just kidding! What I mean is that you are now a graduate of your respected university and it calls for a celebration already. You’re done with school (no more terror profs, lengthy papers, quizzes and pa-major subjects). Congratulations! But what’s next after that?

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